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A spinal cord tumor is a tumor within the spinal cord enclosed by the spine. An uncontrolled cell growth results in the tumor. It may be benign or malignant depending on the root cause of it. Spinal cord tumors can seriously compromise the body’s functioning according to the level of the damaged neurons.

The symptoms caused by it depend upon the growth of the tumor. Here are the symptoms of spinal cord tumors explained by Dr. Kalyan Bommakanti – the best neurosurgeon in India.

1. Back pain:

Back pain is a common early and non-mechanical symptom of the tumors of the spine. The pain is not associated with any injury or trauma. However, it remains consistent and may increase with increased activity and even at night while lying down. The pain may also radiate to other body parts such as hips, feet, legs, arms, or chest.

2. Muscle weakness or sensations loss:

The damage to the nerve bundles passing across the spinal cord may result in numbness and complete/partial loss of sensations in several body parts. The affected areas may experience less sensitivity to several environmental factors such as hot or cold. This may also result in weakness of the muscles in the affected areas, especially the legs and arms.

3. Loss of bowel and bladder function:

The normal functioning of the bowel and bladder may also be affected if the associated nerves are damaged. It may cause incontinence of the bowel and bladder or complete loss of control in extreme cases.

4. Difficulty in walking:

The person experiences difficulty in walking as his balance and coordination may also be affected. It becomes so persistent that sometimes he ends up trembling or even falling.

5. Paralysis:

In extreme cases of nerve damage, the body may go into paralysis. Its intensity and location depend upon the level of injury.

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