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Awake Craniotomy For Brain Tumour

The brain is a very delicate organ. It is the control centre of body movements and organ control. It makes the brain most vital. It controls the motor movements, vision and speech. When this part of Brain gets damaged or affected with the tumour. One may not see or talk well at all.

A brain tumour is a mass lesion like structure which develops inside or adjacent to the Brain. In this scenario, it becomes necessary to remove this tumour.

Today medical technology has advanced a lot in such surgeries. Most Brain surgeons now go for Awake craniotomy for removing the tumour from inside the Brain.

When a Tumour is near the brain it may impact your vision, movement as well as speech. Awake craniotomy is the specialised surgery where a part of the skull is removed temporarily from the brain. In this condition, Brain surgeons remove the tumour while a person is awake. It is the most preferred surgery as it helps the surgeons in knowing the state of the brain. This they do through by communicating with the patient throughout the surgery.

This is the most beneficial surgery as it is of safe and invasive nature.

Today when a person goes for tumor surgery chances are that you’re a surgeon would use neuromonitoring. This holds many benefits for patients and guarantees a successful surgery.

1. Lowers Brain damage

The brain is a very delicate organ and surgery on it requires a special effort. Awake craniotomy is unique from others as there is a very little risk of the Brain damage. It also prevents any damage to your vision, movement and speech

It happens as the person is talking while surgery, Doctors can monitor the condition of Brain efficiently.

2. Maintain nerve health

There are many nerves present in the brain. These are nerves connected to the spine and head. Being invasive it preserves the nerve which passes via the spinal cord and body. This is the only surgery where surgeons can map the nerve during the surgery so it doesn’t get damaged.

3. Painless awakening

It is hard to imagine that Brain surgery can be painless. In awake craniotomy, the surgeon only uses the local anaesthesia to numb the muscles, skin and bones around the Brain. Brain tissue is fiberless hence you don’t feel pain at all.

4. No ventilation needed

In a traditional brain tumour surgery, one may require ventilation. Such is not the requirement here at all. Sedation is very light, as there is no physiological disturbance and a patient can wake on their own.

It’s an ideal surgery tumour removal. It is best to approach the right brain surgeon.




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