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Today technology has evolved a lot. Computers have been used in the field of medicine and surgery as well. This has bettered the success rate of major surgeries like Brain surgeries. Brain is a very delicate organ which needs precise care. Sometimes the brain becomes afflicted with ailments like stroke and tumour. This needs a specific surgery to heal such ailments. Today it is possible to heal such major ailments with the utilisation of technology for performing surgeries.

One such latest technology is Neuro navigation. This is the technique used by the most Brain surgeons. In the long run it guarantees a successful and safe surgery. Neuro navigation is a computer assisted technology. This gives the real time mapping and reading of the Brain.

It helps in guiding the neurosurgeon during the surgery. This makes it the most essential technique for skull related surgery. Its best feature is that it helps in transforming the information into 3D data on the monitor. It allows surgeons to employ robotics to perform such delicate surgeries. At the same time, it also helps in visualising surgical scenarios before the surgery. This is done with the help of 3D model formation of Brain through the computer data.

These techniques have been used mostly in Brain related surgeries like Brain tumour removal. Sometimes it is hard to locate the tumour in the brain. The real time imaging feature helps in locating the exact place of tumour. It eases the process of removing it

Brain tumour removal

There is a view of the Brain on the screen in front of the surgeon. This guides them in removing the lesions precisely and accurately. The computer can also integrate the old MRI report. This ensures that brain tumour is removed successfully

It is no wonder then that most neurosurgeons prefer the use of Neuro navigation for conducting complicated surgeries.

There are other benefits of this surgery as well.

1. It is very precise in showing the exact location of the lesion in the Brain. This helps in finding even the smallest tumour.

2.The chances of scar are very little as the cut is small.

3. It quickens the wound healing process. The area of wound is usually very small hence it will get healed quickly.

4. It is highly successful due to its precision and location prowess.

Today nearly all top neurosurgeons prefer to use Neuro navigation. This guarantees the success of surgery.




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