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HD Endoscope- Cranial.

There have been many surgical techniques employed by Brain surgeons to heal brain ailments. The technology has advanced tremendously and it has also transformed the Brain surgery. The brain is the most complicated anatomical regions of the body. The cranial is an important part of the Brain. A cranial is located under the brain. This is the most important tool in dealing with skull-based brain surgery. Most surgeons today use the latest methods to heal common ailments like a Brain tumour. The HD Endoscope for cranial is the most advanced technique. This will work on most brain ailments.

In HD Endoscope, a small camera is inserted in the brain. This transmits the image of the brain on the surgeon’s computer. This is the variant of minimum invasive technology. It gives the complete HD video imaging with a full picture of the cranial. This can work on both working and non-working channels. There are micro-instruments in the HD Endoscope allows surgeons to view the Tumour accurately.

This works well if one has to know the precise location of the tumour. This makes it a revolutionary invention in the field of brain surgeries.

Its benefits:

There are many benefits of HD Endoscope. In earlier times it was hard to surgery which such accuracy as there were no means to view it the brain’s structure. This is possible with HD Endoscope.

It is very good at removing various endoscopic processes which were not possible earlier.

1. It is good at removing tumours present in the base of the brain. It removes intraventricular cyst or tumour with accurate precision. This guarantees the success of tumour completely.

2. The base of the skull is hard to study without the help of equipment. An HD endoscope helps in making transnasal access to the pituitary gland and skull base.

3. At the same time, it acts as a guide in performing high-risk interventions. A surgeon can view the image of a brain on the screen. This in-turn helps in performing the operations on the high-risk areas like a skull.

4. This also boosts the overall safety of neurological surgeries. They are more precise and successful.

5. It also helps in reducing the complications associated with brain surgery.

6. It also boosts the recovery rate in such surgeries.

It is no wonder then that this has become the newest standard for surgery. The most hospitals would go for HD Endoscope based surgery. These have made brain surgeries very safe.




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