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Endoscopic Discectomy

The spine is your body’s most essential organ. It is the spine which helps in anything from waking till sleeping. It is very common for everyone to experience back and neck pain at some point in life. Most of the times it will go away on its own. But when it doesn’t go on its own your Spine needs special care. This can happen with constant pain in your spine. In such a situation, it is best to go for special care. The spine health may get affected due to age and other factors.

In this scenario, one needs to consult a specialist for spinal surgery.

Endoscopic Discectomy is surgery performed on your Spine. Another common name for Endoscopic Discectomy is Endoscopic spine surgery. This is different from other spine-related surgeries. Amongst all the spine related surgeries, it is the least invasive form of surgery. In this surgery, the herniated disc material is removed. This is the material which causes pain in your lower back, legs, mid-back and arms. It has emerged as the best form of surgery to treat Spinal disc herniation. Sometimes it also keeps you away from more serious back surgery.

Its Benefits.

1. Lesser Infection.

It is common to develop an infection in any major surgery. Such is not the case here. In Endoscopic Discectomy, there is a minimal risk of infection. The infection is low as it is performed on a smaller area of your spine. The incision made too is very small. As this is a more contained form of surgery hence lesser risk of infection.

2. Lower rehabilitation period.

Most surgeries require you to spend some time in the hospital. In Endoscopic Discectomy a patient can go home on the same day. This can happen a few hours after surgery.

3. Very little pain medication needed.

Pain and surgery go hand in hand. This is not the case with Endoscopic Discectomy. The pain is little as the incision is very small. Being a small one feels very less pain.

It would be wise to say that Endoscopic Discectomy is the best and safest form of surgery. One can lead a normal life after this surgery.

It is ideal to go to the best Doctor for Spine surgery. Dr Kalyan offers the best in equipment to perform the surgery. Any surgery is done after a proper consultation only.




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