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Microneurosurgery For Spinal Cord Tumors

The spinal cord is the most essential organ of the body. It is shaped like a line and connects vital organs like Brain to our body. Any damage to the spinal cord invariably affects other body parts too. It is best to care for the spinal cord but sometimes despite care, it might get affected. The spinal cord can be affected by ailments like Tumor, spinal cord injury, Slip disc’s Sciatica variant like lumber and cervical. It also may get impacted by a sudden head injury. All these conditions need immediate attention. The best person to care for these ailments is Brain specialists, Neurosurgeons.

The best cure for these ailments is Microneuro surgery spinal cord surgery. Microneuro spinal cord surgery is a minimum invasive technique surgery. In this, a small high potent telescope is inserted in the spinal cord. This helps in showing the condition of the spinal cord. It also shows the exact location of the tumour.

A tumour in the spinal cord will manifest itself as a sudden lumpy structure. This will manifest itself suddenly.

The best surgery and cure for Spinal cord tumour removal is Microneuro surgery for spinal cord tumour. Its immense benefits have been recognized by most surgeons today.

Today most Neurosurgeons perform Microneuro surgery due to its ease of operation and its success rate.

Its Benefits.

1. Lesser spinal cord damage.

Being invasive it doesn’t affect the whole spine. In traditional surgeries, the whole spine gets affected. But in Micromeuro surgery, telescope helps to identify the exact location of the tumour. This helps in removing the tumour with minimal effort.

2. Little scarring.

There is very less chance of scarring in this Surgery. A surgeon would identify the area with help of a telescope. This limits the damage to spine leaving no scarring.

3. No full anaesthesia.

In normal surgeries, one would go for complete anaesthesia. This is not the case in Microneuro surgery. A person is only given local anaesthesia for the area of surgery to be numbed.

4. Quicker recovery.

In most surgeries, one would need more time to recover but not in this surgery. As the area to be healed is very less the recovery time becomes lessened. You may have to spend only a few days in the hospital.

5. Little Blood loss.

The amount of blood loss is comparatively less than other surgeries. The incision is very small hence the chances of blood loss decrease.

6. Prevents spine damage.

In spine surgery, the chance of spine damage is very high. But not in this surgery as it only treats the affected area of the spine. The spine will become normal in a few days.

It is the most acceptable surgery and these benefits enhance its success. Today most neurosurgeons recommend this for any spinal cord related injury.




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