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Ultrasonic Aspirator

This is the latest technology which is used a lot by surgeons today. An ultrasonic aspirator uses a low frequency ultrasonic vibration tool. It is the most advanced tool in the surgery which is employed in every surgery. This has a very specific use and works only on certain parts of the body.

An ultrasonic aspirator is a container-like machine. This container is unique from a normal container. An ultrasonic aspirator has a container which makes vacuum. This helps in reversing the air pressure through the air suction pump mechanism. This is the most suitable device for brain and skull surgeries.

Its uses:

Eye Surgery.

An eye surgery is a very delicate operation. It needs to be done in a very accurate and a precise manner. In eye surgery operative microscope has the optimum use. It helps in viewing the eye problem with precision. This is particularly useful in Cataract surgery. It is very hard to find cataracts in the eye. This microscope can aid in locating the cataract. After this cataract is removed safely without damaging the eye.

It is also used in corneal transportation and helps the surgeons in performing retinal surgery.

This makes Operative microscope most essential and vital for conducting a successful Eye surgery


Today Operative microscope has been used extensively in Dentistry as well. Teeth are very delicate and it needs fine detailing. This microscope helps in locating teeth ailments through magnifying it. A dental surgeon can then locate its exact location and remove ailments like root canal. It’s no wonder then that it is commonly used in root canal treatments today. This is the most preferred mode of Endodontic treatment. Dentists have access to even a small root canal without pain. It means a dentist has a clear view to remove the right tooth only.

There are some of the unparalleled benefits of using an Operative microscope.

– A Surgeon will always have the right view of the area on which surgery is to be performed.

– This is a painless and effective line of surgery for removing eye and teeth ailments completely.

– The recovery time is very less as it works on specific areas. Hence one can recover fully within a few days.

– A Surgeon will always have the right view of the area on which surgery is to be performed.

Today the operative microscope has evolved a lot since its invention. Hence it is an indispensable part of Surgery.




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