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The spine is an essential organ. It is slender and tunnels like in structure. It is connected to the brain and waist. It helps us in understanding straight, sitting up and getting down. Sometimes the spine may get affected due to age or ailment like back pain. In this situation, it becomes necessary to consult a spine surgeon specialist. Back pain and sciatica pain commonly affect spine health. When it becomes unbearable one has to go for Microdiscectomy. This is the most recommended surgery in this case

A Herniated disc is located in the back and it helps in standing and sitting down.

Microdiscectomy has become the most common form of surgery. This is a very specific surgery to remove the spine ailment. In microdiscectomy, minimal invasive techniques are used to remove damaged herniated discs. This is the surgery for correcting herniated lumbar discs. In this surgery, surgeons use invasive poke hole incision to remove damaged disc herniation. This is the best surgery to remove sciatica pain when it stays for prolonged periods.

Most sciatica pain will go away on its own. But if it persists for a long time surgery is the only viable option.

Its benefits:

Most surgeons prefer this surgery as it is very effective in healing and treating sciatica pain. Today most doctors use this technique to solve this common problem.

1. Removes sciatica pain.

It is very efficient in removing sciatica pain. It does this by removing the damaged portion of the hernia disc. A person will heal fully after undergoing this surgery.

2. Quick recovery time

Most spine-related surgeries take a longer recovery time. But not in Microdiscectomy. This is unique as a person can leave the hospital on the same day. One needs to take a few precautions as advised by the doctors.

Before the discharge, surgeons would advise you to do certain do’s and don’ts

Some common advice of most surgeons are:

1. You may have to avoid heavy work and lifting heavyweights. It might elevate the strain on the spine.

2. An effort must have to be made to keep the area always dry.

3. There are certain restrictions on daily movements like sitting. One may be advised to sit only for 45 mins.

4. You may be asked to do a follow up after 8-10 days.

The success rate of Microdiscectomy has made it the most popular spine-related surgery. It is good at keeping your spine healthy for a long time.




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