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What is the prognosis of Brain Tumors?

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Brain tumors can be life-threatening depending on the circumstances of the individual. These tumors are uncontrolled and abnormal growth of brain tissues within the brain or in the lining of the brain. The important key point to be considered here is to choose a group of health specialists who are the best in the field and you can trust them completely. Treatment without patient compliance will not show as many benefits as it should. The survival rate cannot be determined by just looking at the type and grade of the tumor. The way in which a tumor affects the body varies from person to person. We cannot suggest a good prognosis if the tumor is benign. In some people, even malignant tumors are treated successfully and benign can be fatal. This trend varies among individuals as the circumstances vary according to their needs and demands. A treatment plan that resulted in good results in one person might not be the same in another individual having the same condition.

The outlook and prognosis may vary as a patient goes through certain treatments. Which treatment is being given and how the body is reacting to it determines whether the prognosis is good or not. No matter how good the prognosis is and how well the treatment goes, there are still chances of the tumor recurring. In that case, you need to again start the treatment as per the need.

The factors that determine whether the prognosis will be good or not are listed below by India’s best neurosurgeon Dr. Kalyan Bommakanti as follows:

  • Patient’s general health status.
  • Age.
  • Gender.
  • Type of the tumor (Benign or malignant).
  • Location and size.
  • The onset of symptoms.
  • The effect on the functioning of the brain.
  • Treatment options available.
  • Grade of the tumor.

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