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HD Endoscope- Spinal

The spinal cord is the most essential organ in the body. It is with the help of the spine that one can sit, walk and stand up. The spine should always be healthy but sometimes it might get afflicted with ailments like back pain and spinal damage. In such a scenario it becomes necessary for the person to undergo surgery. Today technology has made it possible to have safe and secure spine surgery.

Traditional spine surgery is painful and recovery time is very long. But this is no longer the case. HD Endoscope is the most common form of spine surgeries. This is the least invasive form of surgery

HD Endoscope is high definition enabled surgery. In this, a high definition camera is inserted in the spine. This helps give the view of the full spine and its problem areas. One can diagnose several problems like sciatica pain and spine damage. The image is viewed by the surgeon on the screen. This helps in performing the surgery more accurately. The HD camera is inserted through a small hole. It is the most used technique to find bone ailments like back and spine pain

Its benefits:

Today most spine surgeons vouch for this technology. A blend of technology and surgery has transformed the field of surgery.

Some of its benefits are:

1. No General anaesthesia.

In traditional surgeries, general anaesthesia was a common process. But this is not the case in HD Endoscope based spine surgery. One can go for local anaesthesia. It has been made possible as the spine surgeon views the area on which surgery is to be performed accurately. So, it only affects that and not the overall spine.

2. No blood loss.

It is common to assume that there will be a huge blood loss. In this new surgery, there is a very little blood loss. The cut is very small so the blood loss is very little.

3. No scarring.

Scars were common in traditional surgery. It is not the case with HD Endoscope- spine surgery. As the cut is small the chance of scarring decreases.

4. Preserves spine health.

It also preserves spine health. There is no side effect of this surgery. The spine would maintain the same agility and motion after this surgery.

5. Quick recovery

In traditional surgeries, it takes longer to recover. In HD endoscope surgery, the recovery will take only a few days. A person can go back to resume normal work after this surgery in a few days

The technology used in HD Endoscope is still young. But it has proven its effectiveness and success in spine surgery. Most hospitals today use this technique to do spine surgeries.




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