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Spinal Fixation

Our spine is the longest bone structure in the body. It is shaped like a straight line. There are many connections of nerves coming from the spine. These are connected to the Brain. This makes a good spine health most critical for everyone. There are times when a person’s spine becomes damaged. The prominent reasons for damage to the spine are bone fracture, bone deformity and Degenerative vertebral disorder. The chances of spine damage increase when a person is suffering from Genetic degenerative vertebral disorder.

In such a scenario, the best option is to go for Spine fixation surgery. This surgery is performed by a spine surgeon. It is also known as “vertebral fixation.” Most surgeons would only recommend this surgery if a person’s 2 or more vertebrae are affected. In this surgery, surgeons would normally anchor 2 or more vertebrae with each other. This is usually maintained in place through “Spine fixation device.”

There are many variants of spine fixation devices like prosthesis, rods, plates and screws. It is of both permanent and semi hard nature. A surgeon would only use the best method to give the spine back its old agility.

Its benefits:

There are many times when a person has no choice but to choose this surgery. This is the most ideal way to have a healthy and damage free spine for life.

1. Spine deformity corrector.

A person is born with a straight spine. Sometimes due to genetic reasons one may develop spine deformity. And spine fixation comes to the aid in this scenario. A surgeon would fix bone like structure in between the spine the straighten the spine. It may be held together in its place through a screw or metal plate.

2. Strengthens spine.

There are chances that the spine may become unstable due to excessive motion. Spine fixation helps in stabilizing the spine with aid of metal rod or prosthesis. This gives the spine its old strength back.

3. Heals disc ailments.

Sometimes a person suffers from herniated disc ailments. In such conditions your herniated disc will get removed. Spine fixation devices help in stabilizing the spine. In the long run it removes the risk of developing herniated discs.

This has made spine fixation a critical part of major surgeries. Most surgeons today use this technology to heal a damaged spine. One can choose between permanent and semi-permanent devices. It has slowly become the popular choice of patients as well as doctors.




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