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Neuronavigation Guided Surgery For Brain Tumours

There is no known reason for the development of a tumour. Amongst all Brain tumour is most deadly. A tumour might develop suddenly in any part of the brain. Imagine you wake one morning and feel a little protruded skin in the brain. The chances are that it is a tumour. It is even harder to find a tumour inside the brain as it shows no signs. Today medicine has evolved a lot in dealing with Tumours. Many techniques are being employed by the imminent surgeons around the country.

Amongst all the available techniques, Neuronavigation guided surgery for a Brain tumour is the most advanced. Today most brain surgeons use this method to heal brain tumours. A neuronavigation guided surgery is also known as Frameless stereotactic surgery. Neuronavigation gives precise surgical guidance to target and remove skin lesions. It is the safest way to remove the tumour without any side effect. This surgery is performed in real-time intraoperative guidance. Today most surgeons use this technique for Brain tumour surgery.

Its Benefits:

It is favoured for many reasons and has been acknowledged by surgeons and patients.

1. Limits skull opening.

In a traditional brain, a surgery skull would be fully opened. This is not the case in Neuronavigation guided surgery. This surgery uses a minimum invasive technique to locate the tumour. Surgeons can see the location of the tumour on the screen. This in-turn helps in removing brain tumour accurately.

2. Uses minimal invasive technique.

There are very little tools used in this surgery. The instrument used for the surgery is moved with precise movements. This helps in preventing any damage to the healthy brain tissues. It only removes the tumour without affecting the other parts of the brain.

3. Reduces hospitalisation

It is common for a person to have long hospitalisations in traditional surgery. There is little hospital stay needed in Neuronavigation guided brain surgery. One only has to spend as little as 7 days in the hospital. The duration of stay depends on the type of tumour.

4. Quick recovery time.

In most Brain surgeries, one would need months to recover fully and resume a normal life. But in neuronavigation surgery, the recovery time is 1-4 weeks. However, a person will fully recover only in 8 weeks.

This surgery has emerged as the real winner in Tumour removal surgery. It’s no wonder then that most Doctors today use this surgery.




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