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Endoscopic Rhizotomy

The lower back is supported by the spine. It helps us in sitting down, standing and bending back and forth. The Medial branch in the spine is small nerves which innervate the Facet joints. Facet joints connect different backbone of the spine. It’s this Facet joints which helps us in sitting down. However, there are times when our lower back movement becomes restricted. When this happens, it limits your ability to do a common task like sitting down and getting up. In such a scenario, one needs to consult a good Spine surgeon.

The surgery to heal or overcome this condition is known as “Endoscopic Rhizotomy” Surgery. This is a surgery which works well in eliminating your back ailments.

Endoscopic Rhizotomy is the minimum variant surgery performed on the medial branch. This surgery is usually performed under deep sedation. A surgeon would only use a small incision to do the surgery.

Most people prefer this Surgery due to its immense benefits. Some of the benefits of this surgery are:

  1. Minimal surgical process.

Most lower back surgeries use lots of tools. Such is not the case here. In this surgery, there are very little surgical instruments used. This makes it minimal.

Being minimal it is also very soothing for the patient.

  1. Shorter recovery time.

Everyone has heard about surgeries and their recovery time. The recovery time in Endoscopic rhizotomy is very less. You don’t need to stay in hospital. One can go back home the same day. You may be advised to wear a belt as a precaution till you recover fully.

  1. Maintains spine morbidity.

Spine if not morbid affects the lower back. This surgery is beneficial in maintaining spinal morbidity. As there is very little scarring in the surgery. It has very little effect on the spine. In the long run, it helps in maintaining spine morbidity.

  1. High success rate.

The chances of this surgery being successful are very high. It prevents the future regrowth of damaged medial branch nerve by removing it. It is extremely efficient in healing all your lower back problems.

  1. Good visual control.

Most surgeries don’t have visual control. This is not the case in this surgery. Endoscopic rhizotomy has visual control. A Surgeon can view the area to be operated via camera. It helps in doing the surgery in the right section

  1. Prevents Blood loss

Being invasive there is very little or no blood loss at all. The area cut is very precise and small. This helps in lowering blood loss.

It is the need of the hour to have a healthy lower back. One must consult a good surgeon for a successful Endoscopic rhizotomy.




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