Second Opinion for Neurosurgery and Spine surgery

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Endoscopic spine surgery

Key Hole Spine surgery for
back pain ( Slip Disc / Sciatica)

Key hole spine surgery, also known as, endoscopic spine surgery is most advanced, recent and most minimally invasive spine surgery for treating back pain due to sciatica or slip disc. Click here for detailed explaination by Dr.Kalyan


We always focused on helping you and your loved ones to overcome any hurdle, whether it's spinal injury or back pain.

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Real Patient Journey: Exploring Surgical Options for Sciatica | Endoscopic Spine Surgery Unveiled

"In this compelling video, join us on a real patient's journey to find relief from debilitating sciatica. We delve into the patient's symptoms, examination findings, and MRI reports, carefully analyzing ...both clinical and radiological data. Explore the array of surgical options available for sciatica relief, presented neutrally and without conflict of interest. Discover why endoscopic spine surgery emerges as the optimal choice through an insightful discussion and an engaging animation of endoscopic discectomy. Witness the successful outcome firsthand as we showcase the transformative power of minimally invasive interventions. Don't miss this opportunity to gain valuable insights into sciatica treatment options and the remarkable benefits of endoscopic surgery."[+] Show More

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