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Microneurosurgery For Brain Tumors

The brain is the most essential organ. Imagine beginning the day. it all begins with Brain signalling you to wake up. It’s the brain which sends signals to our body to eat, walk, taste or day everyday work. The brain is the control system of every essential organ in the body. The brain needs to be healthy always but sometimes it may get afflicted by serious ailment like Tumor.

A brain tumour is the most deadly disease which can affect a person at any age. The growth of the tumour is always spontaneous. If you feel a sudden growth around your skill it means you have a Tumor. A brain tumour can affect both insides as outside of the Brain. It is possible to diagnose the tumour with a scan. Once it has been detected it makes sense to approach a good Neurosurgeon to heal it.

There are many surgeries both Traditional and non-traditional for a Brain tumour. Today more and more people are opting for Microneuro surgery for Brain Tumor.

In micro neurosurgery, a high-powered microscope is inserted in the brain. This helps in detecting, evaluating and treating tumours. It allows the surgeon to treat only the afflicted area of the Brain.

Today most Neurosurgeons perform Microneuro surgery due to its ease of operation and its success rate.

Its Benefits.

1. Little brain Damage.

The chances of damage in Brain gets escalated in traditional brain surgery. In Microneuro surgery for a Brain tumour, there is very little risk of Brain damage. It happens due to its invasive nature of the surgery.

2. No full Anaesthesia.

In most surgeries, a person has to undergo full anaesthesia. It’s not the case here. In this surgery, the patient is given partial esthesia. You may be given local or general anaesthesia.

3. Quicker recover rate.

The amount of recover is dependent on the type of surgery performed. The recovery time is the quickest in Microneuro surgery for a brain tumour. Sometimes one would only need short post-operative care.

4. Lowers complications.

Amongst all brain surgery is the riskiest and complicated. But in micro neural surgery, the risk quotient becomes lessened. The complication is very little as the surgery is done only on the small area of the Brain.

5. Less scarring.

There are chances of very little scarring in this surgery. It won’t disfigure or affect your overall brain function.

It becomes necessary to approach a good brain surgeon for this surgery. Such surgeries have become very common and most surgeons do this to protect the brain.




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