A systematic review of the literature and an illustrated case report on Scalp Cirsoid Aneurysm

Scalp cirsoid aneurysms are arteriovenous fistulas in the scalp without vascular access to the brain.

Draining veins dilatation can cause headache, tinnitus, and hemorrhage, as well as cosmetic concerns, masses, and local pain.

The etiopathogenesis of this condition is poorly understood. Treatment consists of surgery (fistula repair by simple surgical ligation until gross total resection), embolization (either endovascular or percutaneous), or a combination of both.

The last 10 years’ publications were reviewed in an updated systematic review.

A young boy with a posttraumatic cirsoid aneurysm with compelling documentation of head vascular examinations and multiple treatment options is described as well.The use of coils and cyanoacrylate for percutaneous embolization or endovascular embolization, respectively)This is accompanied by a reduction of pulsatile mass.

The final esthetic result was extremely pleasing due to a cosmetic surgery team that performed gross total resection.

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