What are Brain Tumors?

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A brain tumor is an abnormal mass present in the brain tissue which tends to grow at an uncontrollable rate compromising the functions of the part of the brain being affected. These tumors are also called intracranial tumors. The brain is a complex structure with numerous complicated systems and functions. There are over 150 types of tumors documented, all being different in nature from each other because of the diverse and complicated anatomy of the brain.

Brain tumors are generally categorized into two main types, i.e. primary and secondary. Primary brain tumors are benign and originate within the brain however the tumors that have been spread from any other part of the body are called secondary tumors. Primary or benign tumors are non-cancerous in nature while secondary or metastatic tumors are cancerous.

The growth rate and severity of these tumors depend upon the location and size of the tumor. It also depends on how deeply it has affected the area. It may or may not include the lining of the brain that plays a protective part. All of these factors determine the extent of the nervous system damage the tumor may cause. This damage is also dependent on the general physical health of the individual. The growth rate may be fast in some individuals and slow in others. It may vary greatly according to the type of tumor and the gender, age, and physical health of the individual.

The cause of these tumors can be determined by their type. Risk factors may include family history, age, gender, and chemical exposure. It may have some connection with the environment. The treatment options depend upon the size and location of the tumor. However the treatment may be effective when the tumor is diagnosed at an early stage, then the prognosis may be good.

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