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The spinal cord is a long tubular band of nerve fibers enclosed in the bony structure called the vertebral column. The tumors that occur within this enclosed structure are called spinal cord tumors. These tumors may be benign or malignant in nature. Most of these tumors are metastasized from other body parts.

Following are the various causes of spinal cord tumors briefly explained by the best neurosurgeon Dr. Kalyan Bommakanti.

1.Genetic mutation:

Genetic defects may be a cause of the origin of the tumors in the spinal cord. Usually, these mutations have been seen in particular families so it is supposed that it runs in the families. These mutations may be congenital or may develop with time. In some cases, spinal cord tumors may occur with the occurrence of some genetic diseases i.e. neurofibromatosis and Von Hippel-Lindau disease.

2. Exposure to cancerous substances:

Direct or indirect exposure to cancerous chemicals or substances may lead to the cause of spinal cord tumors. These substances may transfer by air or by physical contact. These substances may be present in the environment.

3. Weak immune system:

A compromised immune system may lead to spinal cord tumors as it increases the prevalence of spinal cord lymphomas. These lymphomas affect the immune cells i.e. lymphocytes.

4. Metastasized tumors:

Secondary tumors, also known as metastasized tumors, are a common cause of spinal cord tumors. These tumors are spread to the spine from elsewhere in the body. Usually, they spread by entering the systems that are responsible for the exchange of fluids around the body such as the lymphatic system or the bloodstream. These systems transfer the cancer cells with the fluid they are already supplying. Spinal tumors may also develop from the primary tumor present nearby such as in the liver, lungs, abdomen, and bones.

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