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Published follow-up studies and our in-house observations show that endoscopic discectomy surgery is a highly successful procedure. A study that observed the post-surgical condition of patients over a 10-year period showed that more than 80 percent reported excellent results and none had any poor results.

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WHAT IS THE SUCCESS RATE OF ENDOSCOPIC SPINE SURGERY? : Explained by brain tumor surgeon Dr.Kalyan Bommakanti, M.Ch

Endoscopic spine surgery is a highly successful procedure with a success rate of approximately 90 – 95%. It has revolutionized the treatment pattern of the spine. This is an advanced procedure as the surgeon has better visibility, magnification, and light to treat spine pathologies. These features collectively result in a higher success rate and accuracy.

The procedure is convenient for the patient as the incision size is very small with minimal muscle dissection and collateral tissue damage. As it is an endoscopic procedure, the risk of infection is less, and the volume of blood loss during the process is also very very low. The intensity of pain following surgery is very low compared to open surgery.

The stay at the hospital is minimized in this procedure. The patient is discharged in a day. After that, he can immediately carry out his daily activities with a bit of precaution. Some lifestyle changes, healthy habits, and a good diet can aid in rapid recovery and healing of the wound. They can perform daily activities independently and can perform tasks that they had to skip because of the spine issue.

Most of the patients report minimum pain and excellent mobility after the surgery. The strength and stamina are restored by physical therapy and rehabilitation. Effective stretches and exercises are prescribed for carrying out after the surgery .  

The procedure done in the surgery corrects the pathology, and the teamwork of the patient and his physiotherapist can enhance and sustain the beneficial results of the surgery. Hence, endoscopic spine surgery is the best way to cure any spinal problem because of its high accuracy and success rate compared to open surgery.

Dr.Kalyan Bommkanti is one of the best neurosurgeons in hyderabad and is also one of the best
spine surgeons in hyderabad. He received training in endoscopic spine surgeries, also known
as key hole spine surgery or minimally invasive spine surgery. He has experience in treating a
number of complicated brain surgeries, complicated spine surgeries like complex brain tumors,
complex spine tumors, complicated spine fractures, complicated head injuries. He has an
extensive experience in teaching junior doctors.

He consults and operates at: (For appointment WhatsApp on 8520003683)
Global Gleneagles hospital,Lakdikapul, Hyderabad.
Aware Global Gleneagles hospital, L.B. Nagar, Bairamulguda, Hyderabad.
Kalyan’s Neuro and Spine clinic, Kharkhana, Secunderabad.
Shenoy hospital, East Marredpally, Hyderabad.
Prasad Hospitals, Nacharam, Hyderabad.

Brain tumor clinics

For appointment see details below (+91-8520003683). Brain tumors are serious disorders and
should be treated as soon as possible. Many patients have a lot of doubts and queries
regarding brain tumors, symptoms of brain tumors, diagnosis of brain tumor, surgery for brain
tumor, treatment options for brain tumors. Patients also like to know regarding latest and
advanced treatment options for brain tumor surgery like intraoperative neuromonitoring, awake
craniotomy, ultrasonic aspirator, microsurgery, endoscopic surgery for brain tumors. Dr. Kalyan
Bommakanti is a famous neurosurgeon from hyderabad and will try to answer these queries at
leisure as a part of brain tumor clinics on you tube live

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