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Sciatica is a term that refers to the compression or inflammation of the sciatic nerve in the lumbar spine. It may cause pain or numbness in the areas where it passes through. The nerve passes along a pathway through the buttocks, legs, and feet. Usually, it affects one side of the body but it may be bilateral as well.

In the past, bed rest was thought to be effective, but nowadays patients are advised to be more active. Usually doctors advise walking after a brief period of bed rest and anti-inflammatory medications. Walking is believed to be very helpful in relieving sciatic pain, however, its effectiveness depends on the cause and severity of the pain. Posture correction is compulsory because walking while exhibiting a poor posture can worsen the pain. Walking aids in relieving pain as long as it is not aggravating the symptoms.

Walking is proved to be therapeutic as it stimulates hormonal changes such as the release of endorphins that decreases the inflammatory process. It relieves pressure on the affected area and improves the blood flow to that area. It may also increase muscle power, strength, and flexibility. Walking helps in preventing the atrophy of muscles and loss of power and range of motion.

The prognosis of sciatica is good enough. To reduce the symptoms, one must understand and learn how to walk properly to maximize its benefits. A good posture will not only help in managing the pain and discomfort but also in the correction of proper biomechanics as well. Walking without a good posture is useless, the person must follow a scheduled plan and techniques prescribed by the doctor.

In order to start any regime, you must consult with your doctor or physical therapist first. They will help you find a plan that is suitable and appropriate according to your condition and symptoms. When to walk, how much time and intensity? These are all the various queries you may need to discuss with your doctor.

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